Our Work Process

Discover our workflow process from the start of your first inquiry to completion of your project!

Non-Disclosure Agreement

If required

Commercial Agreement

• Scope & Deliverables
• Price & Conditions
• Legal & Confidentiality
• Contractual Terms

Co-Definition of technical proposition

We agree on a technical proposition, outlining the scope, methodologies, and deliverables


Crafting solid foundations

Holistic Proposition: Collaborate on a comprehensive technical proposition, ensuring a strong foundation for your project.
Transparent Collaboration: Benefit from clear and transparent commercial and confidentiality agreements, establishing trust in our partnership.
Confidentiality Assurance: Opt for an optional NDA for added security, showcasing our commitment to safeguarding your intellectual property.

Data Collection

We collect relevant technical data inputs for running our simulations

Work Initiation

We initiate our work: Prototyping, testing, simulating

Intermediate Deliverables & Collaborative feedback-loop

Iteratively refine and enhance project outcomes through ongoing communication and collaboration with you


Turning Data into Insightful Solutions

Data-Driven Success: Thorough data collection drives our approach, ensuring the success of your project.
Efficient Kick-Off: Seamless initiation involving prototyping, testing, and simulation accelerates the path from data to solutions.
Continuous Improvement: Our iterative feedback loop facilitates ongoing refinement, guaranteeing a dynamic and effective collaboration.

Open For Future

We ensure availability to keep collaborating on same or another project

Commercial Agreement

We offer a post-service support to address any questions or additional needs you may have

Final Deliveries

• Final results
• Data & models
• Analysis, insights, and recommendations


Beyond Completion

In-Depth Deliverables: Receive comprehensive final results, enriched with detailed analysis and actionable insights.
Ongoing Assistance: Benefit from dedicated post-service support, ensuring continued success and addressing any post-delivery queries.
Future Collaborations: Look forward to exploring new possibilities and projects, fostering a long-lasting partnership beyond the current engagement.

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